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Chairman’s Announcement

Further to our earlier announcement, returning Chairman Dave Haddock had this to say:

‘It’s fair to say that the last few years have been turbulent here at the club with a number of highs but also a number of lows. Our supporters, sponsors, volunteers, and the community in general will undoubtedly be frustrated and somewhat concerned for the club and its future.

For seven years I worked tirelessly with some fantastic volunteers some of whom are still here at the club, and together we built the club up to a level in which we achieved record crowds weekly, and received significant support from all of the community which also gave us the opportunity to give back, whether that was through our charity work with our local food bank, supporting mental health support group Talk Tonight, or through the development of our youth teams, Selby Town FC was truly becoming the community club that I believe it should be. That however didn’t quite last, the club has faced numerous challenges along the way, both in my time here at the club and after, with many of the challenges due to poor judgement and ill informed decisions. The club needs to do better. We owe you that.

Last night I was pleased to be voted Chairman amongst a new and strong committee. Fourteen enthusiastic and talented people sat around me, and together we took the first steps towards a brighter future. Together, we will ensure the club won’t just survive, but that it will thrive and finally achieve the level of success that everyone desires and the town deserves. 

For those of you that are concerned or that have doubts, please judge us on our actions going forward, I promise you we’ve lots of exciting things to come. 

As during my previous stint as chairman, if anyone has any questions, ideas or concerns please do get in touch. Our supporters should always be at the forefront of every decision we make, so I’m always here to listen to your thoughts.

On behalf of the committee, we appreciate your support and hope that you continue to join us as we rebuild the club and push for the level of success we’re sure we can achieve.’

Dave Haddock

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